A False Sense of Unity

With the current events happening worldwide surrounding the "Black Lives Matter" campaign, I can't help but feel like it's all a bit contrived. I can't speak about what's happening in America because I am not in their immediate situation but I would like to shed light on what's happening on Kenyan grounds. With billions having [...]

The Complexities of Race in Life Martin Luther King was a great man with a strong heart and an even more powerful character. A character so great that despite everything against him, his shortcomings in personality included, could not go undistinguished. Of even greater significance to all of us collectively, was that he was a black man. An African. American?It [...]


With the knowledge that this might be her new normal, she resigned herself. To taking one day, week, month, lesson and human at a time. Emotional intelligence is what she was developing. Training. With every new encounter, she discovered love and acceptance for herself and others. Ever so slowly progress was made. She became better [...]


Much recently and with increased intensity, I have come to appreciate the value of being authentic. In design, in language, in action, in preparation, execution, expression ... in all ways thinkable. Authentic is characteristically raw, unadulterated, fierce and true to the core. It's priceless, breathtaking, mind-blowing, sometimes even intimidating! I don't believe there is anything [...]


One major aspect of life is people. As you live, you learn much more about people than you do things. People teach you the hardest lessons you really don't want to but truly need to learn. In my short lifespan, I have admitted to myself time and again that people aren't the problem in life [...]


It's crazy how we, as a population, have forgotten who we really are. An idea was recently presented to me for my consideration and it totally blew my mind. That a different version of you exists all over the world (at least as far as your little feet have gotten you thus far!). When you [...]